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            Gadlee GT110+ Ride On Scrubber Dryer
            Product Model: GT110+
            Scope of application: Warehouse、Workshop

            Product Introduction:

            Gadlee GT110+ ride-on scrubber dryer brings you all advantages of improving working efficiency. Eco mode and low noise design allow daytime cleaning everywhere, even in noise sensitive areas. Standard EASE DOS system, makes the detergent and the clean water tank work separately, so to improve cleaning performance and save chemical consumptions. Finish cleaning tasks in hospitals, schools, supermarkets, stadiums, restaurants, hotels, workshops of light industry perfectly and efficiently!
            ● Simple and easy to use, no need for special trainings
            ● Pre-set to 30kg of brush pressure. Equipped with Brush Pressu re Boosting System which the pressure can reach to 63kg.
            ● Up to 6.5 working hours
            ● Standard EASE-DOS system makes the detergent and the clean wa ter tank work separately

            technical Parameter:


            Application Case:

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