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            GADLEE GTC-350 ESC
            Product Model: GADLEE GTC-550 ESC
            Scope of application: Escalator cleaner

            Product Introduction:

            The GADLEE GTC-550 ESC is a compactmachine for cleaning any moving escalator or mobile walkway. It can be used indry mode for sweeping, or with a detergent solution for washing.

            The GADLEE GTC-550, combined with anydry or wet extractor (not included), can be used for thoroughlysweeping and cleaning the steps /dry or wet): surface dirt anddust are collected in its container without leaving any residue

            After the entire surface has been swept,the machine dispenses a detergent solution from its stainless steel tanks, thusremoving any stubborn dirt and encrustations in the grooves. 


            ● The patented homing guidance base, with its grooved wheels, keepsthe machine on track in the working position.

              This is the only dual action machine with a washing cycle actionwhich can be reversed simply by inverting the position of the handle.

            The GADLEE GTC-550 is supplied with a compact trolley for easytransport.

            Lightweightand easy to handle.

            technical Parameter:


            Application Case:

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